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Pain Relief

Golf requires good flexibility and strength. Without it your technique suffers and that can cause pain, as well as poor performance on the course.

Golfers often complain of back pain, and going from a desk job to playing golf all weekend can take its toll if you are not doing any strength and conditioning workouts during the week.

A lot of the pain you may experience will resolve with an evidence-based program of stretching and strengthening that you can do off the course. An effective warm-up incorporating flexibility can also help you achieve better performance and reduce the risk of injury.

However, there are times when you need pain relief, some may take anti-inflammatories or other painkillers. It’s important to find out if there is a cause of the pain, it may be technique related or a weakness in the core muscles in the pelvis. With chronic pain (pain that has been there longer than 3 months), there may not be an identified cause there is no specific finding for why you are
experiencing pain but its hindering you from progressing in your rehabilitation, and in your game.

BioWave can help with reducing localised pain, helping you to move beyond the pain that is hindering that progress. With effective, targeted relief at the tough of a button you can have pain relief in a matter of minutes. 

Biowave Golf Pain

A study was conducted by BioWave, in conjunction with premier golf members club Mashie, where
40 players of different age, size, ability and health status were offered a BioWaveGO treatment,
before and after a round of golf, to see how BioWave’s neuromodulation technology could help

They reported issues with shoulders, knees, and lower back, each golfer completed a full 30-minute
treatment before their round of golf ad at the end. All golfers were questioned about their pain.
100% of the players experienced a reduction in pain both before and after their round with 56%
reporting they had noticed an improvement in their swing.

Many golfers reported that they had reduced the amount of times they play golf due to pain, they
were not enjoying the sport as much as they once had, they had very positive results and were
delighted to report how much they had enjoyed the round.

The results of this day had a very positive response and the majority said they would incorporate
BioWaveGO into their routine. The majority of the users this day went on to purchase BioWave GO.

Headline Stats



said pain usually affects their play.


said pain had cause them to end a round early in the past.


said pain had stopped them playing golf in the past.


said they would use it before 1 st Tee / 33% after the round / 6% during.



of people who interviewed before and after using BiowaveGo saw a reduction in pain.


of people said using BiowaveGo before the round saw a positive effect on their play.


of people enjoyed their round of golf more thanks to using Biowave.


of people said using Biowave had a positive impact on their swing.


of people said using Biowave had a positive impact on their swing.


drug free

app controlled

evidence based

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