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An Interview with Dr. Dominic Hegarty

by | 03 Sep 2021 | Uncategorized

We speak to Dr. Dominic Hegarty, a senior consultant at BioWaveGO to find out more about his role in the organisation and why he believes BioWaveGO can help to revolutionise pain management in the future.  

Q. Can you start by telling us who you are   

My name is Dr Dominic Hegarty. I currently practise as a Consultant in Pain Management & Neuromodulation at the Orthopaedic and Spine Centre, Mater Private Hospital, Cork.   

I’ve been working for over two decades as a pain consultant and in pain research with a particular specialisation in the field of Neuromodulation. Neuromodulation is the application and use of technology and electrical stimulation in pain management for individuals.    

Q. What is your role within BioWave?   

I’m working with BioWave as a senior consultant supporting the team with strategic advice on the best clinical application and use of their technology in pain management programmes.     

I’m also responsible for leading and designing reviewed clinical studies on BioWave technology, and the benefit of its use in a number of acute and chronic pain conditions.   

Q. What qualifications/experience do you have in medi-tech / pain management   

Aside from my work with BioWave, I’ve worked on both the research and development and clinical application of medical technology in pain management for many years.   

In the area of neuromodulation devices, in particular, I’ve been involved in the development and design of implantable and wearable pain technology at Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, where I am the clinical lead on neuromodulation devices and the patenting of several different bio-sensory devices.    

From a more traditional ‘clinical’ sense I’ve been practising as a specialist in pain management for over 20 years and have a great deal of experience of applying and using technology as part of treatment programmes for a huge number of different patients with varying conditions.   

This day-to-day clinical experience, paired with my qualifications and training in neuromodulation and involvement at the research and development stage puts me in a fairly unique position of being involved in the full life cycle of new technologies from development through to clinical application.   

Q. How did you get involved in BioWave?   

I actually have known Platform-14 for some time as they have been leaders in bringing pain products and technology to the medical world for many years. I had already been working with Platform-14 on the development and use of one of their other devices the Bioness StimRouter – an implantable Neuromodulation System that delivers targeted relief from chronic pain without the need for invasive surgery and drugs.     

I was at a conference speaking on the topic of electrical stimulation devices in the treatment of chronic pain, and Steve Dechan took me aside and introduced me to the product and explained his plan to bring the technology over from the US to the rest of the world.   

My first impression was how fantastic the product was and how applicable it could be not just in my own practice, but as part of a cohort of solutions for other healthcare practitioners.   

Q. In your opinion, why is BioWave technology needed?  

There are two key reasons. It offers a solution that is both physiologically and technologically smart.  

BioWave addresses pain from a very science-driven perspective. Physiologically, pain derives from nerve fibre so the logical way to stop pain is to target the source of the pain.    

Secondly, pain is electrical so to counteract it with electrical currents is just common sense.  BioWave technology does just that – targeting the pain directly at the nerve base with electrical waves offering patients longer-lasting relief from their conditions.    

The device is also technologically smart as it’s so precise. You can apply the pads exactly to the area you need to and monitor the outcome in a very practical way.     

The fact it’s drug-free is an added additional benefit more often than not medication comes with many side effects. You don’t get those side effects with technology.  

Q. Have you carried out any clinical studies around the efficacy of the product?   

We’ve carried out a peer-reviewed clinical study of over 460 individuals. The study demonstrated significant positive outcomes from both a clinical perspective and satisfaction level for patients.     

The study can be reviewed on the Pain Practise Journal here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/papr.12993   

BioWave has also been available for over a decade in the US where a number of additional clinical studies have been carried out. A list of the studies and link to these can be found here: https://www.biowave.com/what-is-biowave/clinical-studies-and-reviews/  

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