Why Does My Neck Hurt When I Wake Up?

Why Does My Neck Hurt When I Wake Up?

Why does my neck hurt when I wake up? Neck pain that strikes first thing in the morning can put a real damper on your day. Not only is the constant ache a distraction, but the stiffness and loss of mobility associated with neck pain can limit your physical activity and in some cases, start a cycle that can actually make your neck pain worse.

Why do I have shoulder pain from sitting at a desk?

Why do I have shoulder pain from sitting at a desk?

By April of last year, 41% of Brits had done some form of work at home1 – with numbers fluctuating throughout the year. And since then, more and more of us are setting up shop at home and looking for more flexible working arrangements in the future. Whether in our home office or at work – long hours at our […]

An Interview with Dr. Dominic Hegarty

We speak to Dr. Dominic Hegarty, a senior consultant at BioWaveGO to find out more about his role in the organisation and why he believes BioWaveGO can help to revolutionise pain management in the future.   Q. Can you start by telling us who you are    My name is Dr Dominic Hegarty. I currently practise as a Consultant in Pain Management & […]

Is exercise good for period pain?

Period pain can zap your energy and make daily life a struggle – but could exercise help you relieve pain and get back to being you?

Competition time with Glasgow Rangers

Fancy winning a BioWaveGO and some Champions 55 goodies? We’ve teamed up with Glasgow Rangers to give you the chance to WIN a prize bundle, including your own BioWaveGO, a Rangers FC T-shirt and a Champions 55 cap. Simply head over to our Facebook page for all the details and to enter. Closes midnight, Tuesday […]

How to Treat A Groin Strain

Groin strains account for between 10-15% of injuries in sports – so how do you know when you’ve got a strain and how do you treat it?